Law in the Internet Society

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What is the Price of our Privacy?

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 That's why the Pandora's box nature of personal information is so troubling: 'common sense' predisposes people to vastly underestimate what they're giving away. You either need a way to get them to fully appreciate the bargain they're striking before they open the box, or create some mechanism to revert the damage once the mistake is realized. Both tasks are daunting enough to leave one pessimistic.

-- AndreiVoinigescu - 18 Jan 2009

  • All these schemes are based on the idea that "the Internet" is the web addressed through a browser. If the browser is equipped with ad filtration software, which is already in a highly advanced state if you're using a free software browser, or if you have an ad-removing proxy to surf through, all these schemes are dead meat. Indeed, the advertising-powered web, including Google's present business model, is dead meat unless the user at the end ultimately wants to see the ads. Because I don't, my web has no ads in it, and by the time consumer demand returns from its current compulsory vacation, children will all have figured that out and the ad-supported web will be history. Hadn't you better carry your analysis a little closer to the real edge?

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