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 The Bureau also advises that "Adam" may be exploited at establishments that serve alcoholic beverages. To this end, a single ATBF should be stationed at each of the two such establishments in Morningside Heights where "Adam" has been recorded. These ATBFs could be made more appealing to "Adam" by outfitting them in clothing that proclaims their affinity for the movie tie-in edition of a great novel, the movie tie-in edition of a terrible novel, or any musical artist whose career began before 1983. Thus outfitted, it is the Bureau's prediction that an ATBF could sell almost anything to "Adam", but our recommendation is that they offer him clove cigarettes and solicit his membership in any of a number of organizations that require deceptively large financial commitments.

Finally, ATBF's might intercept "Adam" as it walks between Jerome Greene Hall and 629 West 115th Street at any time, outfitted as described above, with similar goals though most likely with less success. \ No newline at end of file

  • This is a reasonable extrapolation of how your introspective data looks from an external viewpoint, but it doesn't begin to capture what your external data looks like to the modeler. You don't summon what all the data about other people tells about you. You don't address the inferences from the rest of your purchases. It's a start on thinking about your digital self, but it isn't the equivalent of thinking like a data-miner.

  • Because you decided to play the thing for yucks, you also don't actually inquire what might be inferred about the population of people like yourself, all being simultaneously observed and mined. So the social control implications of your record-keeping are pretty much unexplored.
 \ No newline at end of file

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