Law in the Internet Society

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-- AdamMcclay - 21 Nov 2008
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 I disagree that "grassroots artists ... will need some big, organized money" to sell t-shirts, buttons, etc. Buttons are dirt-cheap, and t-shirts don't cost that much time or money -- even before sites like She can, in fact, make a t-shirt (or all sorts of other swag) instantly on a computer, and ship it across the country through the Web. -- DanielHarris - 08 Dec 2008 \ No newline at end of file

Yes, she can make a tshirt design on a computer and distribute it infinitely. But her fans are not going to wear digital designs; they are going to wear physical pieces of stitched cotton or polyester. I am aware of Cafe Press, but it is still not the same as distributing digital information at no cost. If I want a computer, it will have to be manufactured and physically delivered to me, even if all of the business is transacted on the Web. Maybe Cafe Press has an economic model that I don't understand, but it seems like somewhere, this will cost money.

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