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 Because we only meet once a week, I was hoping to maybe use this as a vehicle for some discussion outside of the actual lecture.

Especially in the wake of the recent news about Netflix, as well as the rapid rise of music services, like Spotify, there's been a lot of commentary recently about how we are moving from a model of Ownership of media to Access to content. Rather than actually buying physical media that contain books, songs, movies, TV shows, etc., the new model appears to be purchasing access to them. Access can be in the form of a DRM-protected E-book or MP3, or it can be a subscription-based service like Netflix Instant or Spotify -- either way, what's been purchased is a license and not some underlying property (to which the first sale doctrine would apply). The role of sharing and lending as a way of spreading knowledge about a book or a band is, in this model, replaced by the use of social media to point your friends to its location on the service that they also use.

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